I am home again from holidays and whilst away I read several books. The following is a quote from, Jung and the Christian Way by Christopher Bryant. While I am sure that I would not agree with much of Jung’s thoughts on God, I found this particularly interesting:

“All his life Jung was concerned with knowing God, with the immediate intuitive awareness of God. He believed that the religion of many Christians who, like his father, relied on an intellectual faith, divorced from any experience of the realities believed in, was seriously defective. In a letter written in 1945 at the age of seventy he affirms, ‘It is of the highest importance that the educated and ‘enlightened’ should know religious truth as a thing living in the human soul and not as an abstruse and unreasonable relic of the past.”

Our faith in God is “seriously defective” if all it is intellectual. If all we have is head knowledge than when we are presented with information that appears to disagree with our head knowledge we lose our faith in God. We must have an experience of God beyond what we can know in our heads. Yet we cannot organize or teach people to have this experience. It has to be a work of God.

Somehow we need to teach people who are investigating Christian faith to “wait on God” until they have a truly genuine experience of God. Otherwise their faith is going to be seriously defective.