Good humour is said to be a slight exaggeration of the truth. In this movie the idea of one girl continually jolting guys at the altar is a bit of a stretch. Nevertheless it serves to underline the main point of the movie, which is, it is not good to bend yourself out of shape pretending to be exactly what your partner wants you to be. Julia Roberts plays Maggie Carpenter a girl who is very astute and picking up what a guy is looking for in a girl and then she falls into playing out that role. She plays the role so well that she doesn’t even know her own mind on even simple issues like, how she likes her eggs cooked. Richard Gere plays a newspaper reporter who falls in love with the real Maggie but he wants her to be herself which is rather tricky for Maggie since she doesn’t actually know who she really is anymore.

And this reminds me that God loves the real me. He doesn’t love the person I pretend to be, He loves the real me. Even when I don’t know who that is.