I was thinking about this story recently so I thought I would share it here. It was a story I heard Jean Ratton tell when she was quite elderly but she was still full of the passion that saw her establish Know Your Bible groups throughout Australia. This is the story as I remember it.

One day she was sitting on a hill in Nepal where she worked as a missionary. She saw a farmer walking home after he had been to the market to buy a cow. The cow had a rope around its neck and the farmer was leading the cow by holding the other end of the rope. As the farmer and the cow passed by she felt God impress upon her four things about the farmer and the cow. Firstly the farmer had gone to the market specifically to choose a cow. Likewise we are chosen people. Secondly the farmer had bought the cow for a price. Likewise God has bought us with a price, the precious blood of his own Son. Thirdly the farmer was taking the cow home. Likewise Jesus is taking us home. Now at this point the farmer needed to cross the river. There was a rickety bridge over the river but the cow refused to walk onto the bridge. No matter how much the farmer pushed and pulled, the cow would not walk across the bridge. So the farmer walked the cow down beside the bridge and pushed the cow into the river. Meanwhile he crossed on the bridge all the while holding the rope and pulling the cow to the other side. This was no easy task as the river was flowing swiftly and the farmer had to pull the cow against the current. However they both made it safely to the other side and continued on their journey. Here’s the fourth thing she felt God say to her. When you meet difficulties in your life you have a choice. You can trust Me and by faith walk across the rickety bridges that I provide or you can get pulled through the river. Either way I will never let go of the rope. The choice is yours; however you would find life much easier if you trusted me enough to walk over the rickety bridges.