Following on from my last post…

The most fascinating part of this book for me was comparing the two Alices – the Alice of ten years ago and the Alice of the present. The old Alice was relaxed, easy going and peaceable. The new Alice was confident, organised and at times aggressive.

Woman, in particularly seems to grow more confident as they grow older. Possibly this happens when women like Alice, find themselves with a house to keep, children to care for and a busy husband. Suddenly they find themselves needing to more organised and they gain management skills unwittingly. Often they need to speak up on behalf on their children and suddenly they find a confidence they didn’t know they had.

Yet I found myself liking the old Alice more than the new one which is odd since I do like to be confident and organised. I liked the old Alice’s relaxed attitude and her desire to resolve issues amicably.

I guess the thing is to aim for a balance and it seems in the epilogue that this is the place Alice comes to. On the one hand being organized and confident enough to accomplish worthwhile endeavours while, at the same time, keeping things in perspective and not getting upset when things don’t go our way.

From a spiritual perspective this is the place we need to get to in God. Holding onto our peace because we know that God is in charge and has everything under control, yet not being afraid of a challenge and getting out of our comfort zone in order to accomplish worthwhile tasks.