Following on from my last post…

I found John Dickson’s title for his book, If I were God I’d make myself clearer, very intriguing. It seems a logical point that surely God would want us to be clear about his existence. Yet Dickson points out that in fact God has made himself clear. Jesus appearance on earth wasn’t done in secret and he has left a trail of evidence. Also Jesus said, “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father” (John 14:9). Such a claim could only be made by a crank, a liar or God. It is not a claim that could be made by someone who was only a good teacher.

I’d like to include a few quotes from Dickson:

“The historical and event-centred nature of the Christian claim leaves it awkwardly vulnerable to the examination of critics.” Pg. 60 (This is not the case for other religions.)

“The fact that Christianity is so potentially vulnerable to scholarship and yet is still believed by so many professional scholars is not without significance.” Pg. 62

“If God were truly interested in our attention he would offer more than a dream, a vision or a personal dictation of divine words; he would surely present some tangible, verifiable signpost to himself. The fact that Christianity claims to do just this, combined with the fact that the more this claim is scrutinized the more substantial it appears.” Pg. 62