While Recapture the wonder by Ravi Zacharias didn’t altogether grab me it did makes some useful points. This is his conclusion:

The components of gratitude and truth, love and hope bring the realization of wonder. The disciplines of study, of reading and reflecting, of dialoguing in depth and praying with belief sustain the wonder. In short, wonder is captured in one word – worship. Pg 164

I have written here some of the bits that I found helpful. For you they may be confusing because they are of necessarily out of context. Nevertheless I hope you find them interesting.

By filling the imagination with so many possibilities we kill the very delight each was intended to bring. We really make a two-pronged mistake in giving so much so soon, limiting the thrill of each. The first is the assumption that a child can handle abundance, and the second that boredom is cured by the possibility of more options. pg. 40

From G.K. Chesterton on fairy tales: “Have you noticed that the one to whom the condition is given never responds by saying, ‘How come?'” Perhaps, he suggests, this is because if one did dare to demand of the fairy godmother the reason for the condition, she might just as easily counter, “If you want it all explained, tell me why there is even is a Fairyland?” Fantasy does not mean unlimited possibilities. It is not a game, but it has inescapable rules. pg. 45

More quotes tomorrow.