Today, I am continuing the series on, Reading the Bible and thinking about servant leadership.

Jesus’ said, “For I am among you as one who serves” (Luke 22:27). Humility wasn’t highly valued at this time in history, so taking the role of a servant was seen as shameful. The disciples were well aware of how Roman leaders in their society behaved, often being domineering and intimidating. They assumed this would be the type of leadership they would imitate. But Jesus tells them, “Among you it will be different” (Luke 22:26).

As a result of Jesus’ ministry, early Christians began displaying humility and eventually, it became recognized as a virtue. Even so, this still isn’t universally accepted. Luke placed this speech about humility in the midst of Judas’ betrayal, which would suggest that Judas wasn’t interested in being a Jesus-kind of leader. Likewise today, not all Christians aspire to be a Jesus-kind of leader, who serves others and puts their interests ahead of their own.

It’s easy to assume that my priorities are the same as Jesus’. I can then pursue my own interests under the guise of following God. Serving others is messy, energy-zapping, and time-consuming. Yet if we’re to be true leaders and followers of Jesus, this is the sacrifice he requires us to make.