After writing my book review of Richard Glover’s book, The Land Before Avocado, I intended to post some quotes, but due to unforeseen events, it didn’t happen, until now!

I found these quotes particularly interesting and perhaps help, explain why the sexual abuse of children was so rampant during this period.

“The implication is that the parents of the past had carefully assessed the local risks levels, then decided to build their child’s ‘resilience’ by giving them their freedom. I reckon that fanciful. The parents were just busy—most of them—with their own preoccupations. Mothers and fathers didn’t usually drive their children to sport, nor did they watch the game. You cycled to the oval, played and cycled home. Some hours later, some might think to ask, “Did you win?” (page 14).

“But here’s the reality: some kids did fall off the swing. Or died in the unfenced backyard pool. Or were abused in those woods—the habit of disbelieving the child, always siding with the teacher or the scout master or the priest, providing a free ticket to generations of abusers” (page 15).

“It was a world that appears organised for the gratification of paedophiles” (page 24).

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