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Quotes from Philip Yancey

January 18, 2017

Some quotes from The Bible That Jesus Read by Philip Yancey, focussing chapter 2, Job: Seeing in the Dark:

“Satan’s accusation . . . implies that God is not worthy of love in Himself, that people follow God only because they get something out of it.”

“Will a man cling to faith when every self-interested reason for doing so is yanked away? ‘He will curse you to your face,’ Satan gambled. And he loses. Job’s character holds up.”

“When tragedy strikes, we too will be trapped in a limited point of view. Like Job, we will be tempted to blame God and see him as the enemy.”

“Job convinces me that God cares more about our faith than our pleasure.”

“Somehow, in a way the book only suggests and does not explain, one person’s faith made a difference.”

“How we respond matters.” “By hanging onto the thinnest thread of faith, Job won a crucial victory in God’s grand plan to redeem the earth.”

The Bible That Jesus Read by Philip Yancey, p.45-72.

by Susan Barnes
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