I plan to write a book review about a very old book I’ve been reading called: God’s unfolding purpose : a guide to the study of the Bible by Suzanne de Dietrich (Westminster Press, 1957) but for now I’ll just post a few bits that I found interesting.

This divine sovereignty, seen from our human perspective, has two aspects – one of wrath, and one of mercy. Only in eternity will we fully understand that these two aspects are actually only one, and that God’s justice is simply one aspect of his love. pg. 112

It is enough for us to know that he (Jesus) consented to this last and ultimate humiliation, and as a result we feel ourselves bound to this church of his, no matter how wretched or disappointing it may be. (And who of us has not been disappointed or led astray by the deficiencies, the narrowness, and the divisions of the visible church?) pg. 205

The entire Biblical revelation affirms that salvation is by grace. … But this revelation is so utterly contrary to the natural heart of man that it must be emphasized again and again, for man always keeps trying to achieve salvation on his own resources. Nothing is so humiliating to his pride as to owe everything to the grace of God alone, and to be able to live only on the basis of his pardon. pg 232

The amazing mystery of the divine wisdom, as we have seen several times already, is that God’s plan of salvation is always unfolded by means of feeble instruments – through the poverty of words, through the dense veil of the flesh, and the stammering witness of a faithless people. God wanted it this way! He desires that his power be made known through weakness. He placed the torch of faith in our weak human hands, to make it quite evident to everyone that salvation does not come from us, but from him. This body, the church – divided, stained, bruised, responsible through the course of twenty centuries for many crimes – is nevertheless his body, the body of the Lord in glory, the body for whose life he let himself be crucified. Who, therefore, knowing that, will dare to repudiate the church or to separate himself form it? For this sick and bruised church is also the glorious and triumphant church that will reign with him in eternity! pg 249