I wrote a book review on The Casual Vacancy here and made the comment that Rowlings, “reveals thought-provoking insights into human nature”. One example of this is her portrayal of Gavin (p.187). He makes this comment about his latest girlfriend:

Why couldn’t she realize how little he wanted her, and take herself off without forcing him to do the dirty?

Gavin expected his girlfriend to take the initiative and break off the relationship to save him the trouble! Unfortunately I know people like this. They don’t like causing upset or unpleasantness or even expressing a different opinion so they wait for the other person to take the initiative. Rowling further describes his behaviour like this:

As was Gavin’s deeply ingrained habit he sought to deflect an imminent conflict and hoped that the future would look after itself.

The problem with this attitude is that the future brings more of the same because they refuse to deal with the conflict so it reappears later in different attire. How sad.