It’s easy to find an excuse for not doing what we believe God would have us do. Rick Warren compiled this list of excuses that biblical characters could have made:

Abraham was old,
Jacob was insecure,
Leah was unattractive,
Joseph was abused,
Moses stuttered,
Gideon was poor,
Samson was codependent,
Rahab was immoral,
David had an affair and all kinds of family problems,
Elijah was suicidal,
Jeremiah was depressed,
Jonah was reluctant,
Naomi was a widow,
John the Baptist was eccentric, to say the least,
Peter was impulsive and hot-tempered,
Martha worried a lot,
The Samaritan woman had several failed marriages,
Zacchaeus was unpopular,
Thomas had doubts,
Paul had poor health, and
Timothy was timid.

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