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Quote by Jim Carrey

April 23, 2014

I read this quote recently by Jim Carrey, “I wish everyone could get rich and famous and have everything they ever dreamed of so they would know that’s not the answer.” I’m not sure what Jim Carrey thinks the answer is but I suspect it would be vastly different from my answer. Nevertheless he makes a good point.

Often we think that our problems would all be solved if we had a bit more money or a bit more status or that people took a bit more notice of us. Yet when we look into the research we find that the richest people are not the happiest people on the planet, sadly they are often the most miserable. Winning the lottery does bring people the happiness they expect.

In fact, research would tell us that some of the happiest people are the poorest. Though they are poor in material goods they often rich in relationships. They feel secure in their communities, they have a sense of belonging, and they have purpose in providing for those they love.

Pursuing money is not the answer to life’s problems, however, pursuing enduring relationships, particularly a relationship with God will bring a satisfaction that money can’t buy.

by Susan Barnes
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Susan Barnes

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