“However, we should not conclude that the Spirit forces us to do God’s will. He does not lead us that strongly. The Holy Spirit leads us to do the moral will of God. He does this primarily through Scripture by helping us understand the will of God as He has revealed it there. Furthermore He motivates us to do what we know to be right, and He provides the power for us to obey God (Phil. 2:13). We can overcome the flesh by siding with the Spirit.”

Dr. Constable’s Notes on Galatians 2010 Edition

I read this quote a little while ago when I was studying Galatians 5. The sentence that stayed with me was: He does not lead us that strongly.

So often we would like God to lead us more strongly. We would like well-lit paths, clear signposts and secure pathways. However, what we find is light for the next step. The Christian life is a walk of faith, learning to hear the voice of the Spirit and trusting God for the next step.