V.5 is a surprising verse. Stuck in the middle of David crying out to God in the midst of his difficulties, he stops to praise and exalt God and then again in vs. 7-11. V.2 is also interesting in that despite his difficulties he knows God will fulfil his purposes for him. V.7-8 remind me of something I read in John Ortberg’s book, “God is closer than you think”. Ortberg uses David as an example of someone who connects to God through worship (as in singing, music etc.). Ortberg speaks about different spiritual pathways that people use to connect to God. Some prefer the intellectual pathway and draw close to God as they learn more about Him. Others connect with God through worship (like David) or through serving. Some feel connected to God in nature or in solitude. Still others prefer the relational pathway and connect to God through relationships often in small groups. While others are activists with high energy levels and need to be doing stuff to feel connected to God. Ortberg feels that while we should continue to connect with God through our preferred pathway there are times when it is good to experiment with other pathways.

During this next week I’ll be looking at Psalm 72. I’ll post about it next Thursday.