I’ve been wondering why this guy is so passionate about God’s law. I think maybe because he appreciates God’s holiness. I think sometimes we get blaise about God’s holiness. We are so use to receiving mercy and grace we take it for granted. But in the Old Testament it seems they weren’t as aware of God’s mercy and grace as we are. In v.120 he is trembling in God’s Presence and in v.136 he is distressed because God’s laws are not kept. Makes me wonder if we are passionate enough about God and His Holiness.

I found v.98-100 quite curious, he says God’s commands make him wiser than his enemies (this I understand), gives him more insight than his teachers and more understanding than his elders (does this mean his teachers and elders don’t meditate and/or apply God’s laws?).

Next week I’ll be looking at the remainer of Psalm 119 and post about it next Thursday.