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Psalm 119:33-64 – God’s laws part 2

November 16, 2005

V.36 Talks about choosing God’s ways or selfish gain. Selfish gain creates self-centre people who are unhappy and difficult to get along with.

V.45 (see also v.32) “I will walk about in freedom”. Imagine playing basketball or football without lines or without rules, it would be a nightmare. The boundaries actually help us to enjoy the game. Likewise God’s laws are designed to help us enjoy life and within His boundaries we have heaps of freedom.

V.50 “Your promise preserves my life” reminds me of a song we use to sing: “For all that You’ve promised and all that You are, is all that has carried me through”. God’s promises strengthen us and keep us going in the tough times

During this next week I’ll be looking at Psalm 119 v.65-96. I’ll post about it next Thursday.

by Susan Barnes
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