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Psalm 112 – God’s default setting

August 25, 2005

This psalm describes a person who is living with the blessing and protection of God (v.1-9). It is what I like to think of as God’s default settings for a Christian. Of course, the thing about default settings is sometimes they get changed.

God’s default settings are such that if we trust God and follow His direction for our lives we will experience His blessing and protection. But there are two things that change God’s default settings. The first one is pretty obvious we changed them ourselves when we don’t trust God. The second one is less obvious but can be seen very clearly in the life of Job. Job was a righteous person, blameless in fact. He was trusting God and following His direction for his life, he experienced God’s default settings like a hedge around him (Job 1:10). But twice God gave Satan permission to mess with the default settings (Job 1:12 & 2:6). This tells us that sometimes we don’t experience God’s protection and blessing even when we are “doing the right thing”. Sometimes this is temporary as was the case with Job but sometimes it can be permanent like it was for John the Baptist. Christop blogs about John in a recent post. Imagine being John the Baptist and hearing about other people receiving miracles while you’re stuck in jail and in desperate need of a miracle yourself. Jesus word to John was, “Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me”(Matthew 11:6). We are called to trust God regardless of whether we experience His default settings or not.

My conclusion is that God has a tailor made plan for our lives which may or may not include blessing and protection. So if we see Christians who experience a lot of blessing, even in terms of wealth and prosperity, that’s ok. The wealthy and prosperous have their own responsibilities and challenges. And if we see Christians who don’t experience lots of blessing and protection, that’s ok too because God is God and He is in charge.

During this next week I’ll be looking at Psalm 17. I’ll post about it next Thursday.

by Susan Barnes
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