In a previous post (12 December 05) I was talking about the book I’m writing. Well, I’ve finished the next draft, which is again totally amazing. The next step is to ask half a dozen people to read it and get some feed back which is very scary. It is one thing to sit at a computer typing your thoughts and beliefs it is quite another to let those same thoughts into any sort of public arena, no matter how small. I guess we do this when we blog but I must admitted to being fairly guarded on my blog, not so in my book.

The book is currently called, “10 things we hate about God”. Here is a bit from the introduction: The reason I wanted to use the word “hate” is to encourage Christians to be more honest. Simply put we hate the fact that God won’t run the world the way we want Him to. This book looks at why we don’t embrace some basic Christian truths with a lot more enthusiasm.

Little children go through a developmental stage where they will put their hands over their eyes and say, “You can’t see me!” In a spiritual sense Christians sometimes think if they ignore any struggles they have with God that somehow God won’t notice them either. We know this to be completely illogical but logic doesn’t seem to play much of a role in these issues.