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Quote from Mark Buchanan

January 25, 2017

Mark Buchanan also sees the connection between prayer and art. In his book “The Holy Wild” he begins one chapter bemoaning the fact that there is no good art in Protestant churches. Then ask the question,

“If the same Spirit, who raised Jesus from the dead, also lives in you and me, why aren’t we more creative? Lovers of God should, by osmosis, know an irrepressible urge to be poets, artists, artisans. We should make things and make them well.”

Later in the chapter he answers the question, “Our creativity, at least in part, comes from resting in His creativity until it seeps in. It springs from prayer. Not the busy chatty prayer we often do, but the other kind: prayer as emptiness, prayer as silence, prayer as stillness. Prayer as the absence of wanting and asking. Not the clamoring man waking his neighbor, desperate for bread, but the suckled child curled up, satisfied in the mother’s arms.”

by Susan Barnes
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