I visited a lighthouse a while ago. The man explained it was better to leave the light on all the time rather than turning it off during the daylight hours because it requires a lot of energy to overcome inertia.

I went to the gym on Tuesday. Being a sedentary person who likes to read and write going to the gym is important but it requires a lot of energy … to overcome inertia. It is the first time I’ve been since I have relocated which means it is probably six months since I last went. I tend to say you lose six months of your life when you move. It takes that long to tell everyone your new address, find a new hairdresser and join the gym. I was surprised I was able to do as much as I did, being so long since my last visit. Trouble is I have forgotten how to use some of the equipment. Never mind at least I have now started. The next hurdle will be keeping it up …

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