“It will only sting for a minute,” said the doctor while giving the injection.

Once outside my son said, “my arm is going to hurt forever.”

I smiled and assured him it wouldn’t.

So often when I have been in pain, I’ve felt like it would last forever—especially emotional pain where there are no painkillers. There seems to be no way to resolve the pain of broken relationships, the grief of losing someone, or the sorrow caused by long-term illness.

Support groups provide some help to people who have experienced similar pain and provide a safe space to share. People are encouraged when they know others understand their pain, but it’s not always enough.

Jesus is my support group. Not only has he walked on earth and experienced the difficulties of living in a broken world, but he has also felt my unique pain because he is with me in an intangible way. I’m helped because he knows me better than I know myself. He knows what triggers my pain and understands that even supportive words from fellow sufferers aren’t enough. Jesus sustains and comforts me in times of need.

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