Last Saturday I again attended the annual One Day in Melbourne Conference. It’s a unique opportunity to hear from mission organizations with an emphasis on how they are using technology in their workplaces.

The first session was particularly aimed at understanding cloud storage. I find the use of the word “cloud’ in this context, particularly annoying. It creates a picture of data being stored in an innocuous place. Whereas, in reality, it’s just being stored on a computer elsewhere, probably overseas. The cloud is just a whole bunch of computers and is sometimes called a “server farm,” which is a more accurate term. The storage on these computers is subject to the laws of that country (e.g. copyright laws, privacy laws etc.) which means the laws maybe to different to those of your country.

The remaining sessions were more aimed at understanding the difficulties mission organizations face as they attempt to inform their supporters through various technologies and the diverse nature of these audience. I know of one mission organization who employs a SEO adviser, so their internet articles will attract attention on search engines. I can’t help but find this a little sad.

Overall it was a good day and I enjoyed meeting others who are interested in Christian writing and publishing.