I wrote devotional thoughts intermittently for this blog when I began blogging in 2005. Over time these have become more of a focus and I have now reached the point where I have written a devotional thought for every chapter of the New Testament. Check it out here.

This actually wasn’t my goal when I began but rather it was something that just grew. When I was first asked to write a devotional thought once a fortnight for a church newsletter back in 1994 I didn’t think I would be able to think of enough things to write! But God is able.

The devotional thoughts I post on this blog are free to share provided such action is not for sale or commercial gain. Please include the following: © Susan Barnes. Used with permission. If you could also include my web address susanbarneswriter.com it would be much appreciated.

Moving on my focus now will be to write devotional thoughts on Old Testament verses. With this in mind my next thoughts will be from the book of Job which I have been studying on my other blog: The Bible Study Place.