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On why you need flour in a flood

June 13, 2016

My husband first pastoral position was with a small church in rural Queensland. I have mostly lived in small country towns and thought I was reasonably familiar with country life but moving to this isolated farming community was a cultural shock.

One day, not long before we went to Queensland, I was making a cake, which means it must have been one of my children’s birthdays, since I had no other reason for making a cake, and I ran out of cocoa. I left my kitchen walked over the road, down a couple of shops and entered the supermarket. I bought the cocoa, returned home and finished making the cake. We then moved to Queensland where my nearest shop was a 20 minute drive.

I remember the ladies at the church trying to be helpful and telling me to make sure I had plenty of flour in case there was a flood. I had no idea why I would need flour during a flood. The only picture that came to mind was people on television making sand bags to keep the water out of their homes and I wondered if flour could be used as some sort of sand bag. This didn’t seem likely so I didn’t buy flour. I eventually found out that the flour was to make bread if the roads were flooded and I couldn’t get to the shops. I thought, “Wouldn’t I need yeast for that?”

God was kind. When we were flooded in for several days, I had been shopping the day before the rain started.

by Susan Barnes
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Susan Barnes

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