I have uploaded my book proposal to the Christian Manuscript Submission Services website. This website allows publishers to view book proposals without being inundated with unsolicited manuscripts. Clicking the link that said, “submit to publishers” was quite scary.

I figure that are one of three things that may happened with my book now:

1. Absolutely nothing! I’m sure there are many good books (and even more not so good books) that have never made it into print and mine might be another.

2. A rewrite. A publisher may like my idea but not the way I written it. That’s ok. I can handle a re-write. Of course, a rewrite doesn’t guarantee publication.

3. I may become a published author. This is the scary bit. Though I’m not sure why. I’m unlikely to become rich and famous writing general books about Christian living. I guess becoming published would change my life in some way and it is the unknown that is the scary bit.