In our society it seems to have become necessary to use the word ‘free’ to describe gifts. Of course, a gift is automatically free or it wouldn’t be a gift. Yet such is the modern mind set we expect to have to pay for everything and if we are given a gift we feel the need to repay by giving a gift in return.

I read a story about a man (in America) who was having what we would call a garage sale. All the items for sale were marked with a price. When people had chosen what they wanted, they went inside to pay. He then told them everything was free. Most were decidedly uncomfortable in getting something for nothing. They had brought their money expecting to pay, they had chosen their items expecting to pay, but suddenly they were on the receiving end of grace. It took them by surprise and made them feel uneasy. The owner of the sale explained he wanted people to experience in a very small way what Jesus does for us.

Jesus freely gave his life for us. We can’t repay or give a big enough gift in return to lessen our indebtedness to him. We can only accept it as a ‘free’ gift.