The first thing that came to mind was in v.3 “for I call to You all day long”, then again in v.5 “who call to You” and v.7 “I will call to You” the psalmist regularly calls upon the Lord during the day. It is quite a challenge really when I think that I can sometimes go nearly all day without thinking about the Lord. But here the Lord is never far from the Psalmist thoughts. And when we call on Him we find He is forgiving, good and abounding in love (v.5).

The second thing that occurred to me was v.8 “there is none like You”. In what way is there none like our God? I thought about other spiritual leaders who have said wise things but the verse goes on to say “no deeds can compare with yours”. So even if others are good with words only our God does marvellous deeds (also v.10). I know in my life God has done healing, restorative things that only He could do. We don’t worship a God who is just wise but One who has the ability and the interest to intervene in the affairs of the world and the affairs of our lives.

From saying that God is great and does marvellous deeds, the Psalmist asks for an “undivided heart” to “fear Your name” (being in awe of God) and commits himself to praising God “with all his heart”. Our hearts can become divided when we get distracted and worried about many things like Martha (Luke 10:41). But when we think about God, the amazing things He does, His awesomeness then we will want to praise Him with all our hearts.

Love to hear your thought on Psalm 86. During this next week I’ll be looking at Psalm 48. Hope you do too. I’ll post about it next Thursday.