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On-line study, Psalm 62

August 17, 2005

I’m going away for a couple of days so I’m posting this a day early. After reading this psalm a couple of times it was tempting to read v.1-2 and skip to v.5-7. V.3-4 seems to be an intrusion, an interruption. As I thinking about this it occur to me that life is often like that. We get to a place in our Christian life where we do find rest in God but something unexpected happens, we forget to trust God and lose our peace. So the Psalmist reminds himself that his hope is in God and tells his soul to again rest in God alone.

There are some good words of advice for our hearts in this psalm. V.8 tells us to “pour out your hearts to Him”. David certainly did this. He was never afraid to tell God exactly how he felt no matter how happy, sad or angry he was and God never rebuked him for it. It is not our emotions that cause us problems but what we do about them, pouring them out to God is always a good idea. V.10 tells us “though your riches increase, do not set your heart on them”. If we are good stewards of the money God enables us to earn it is not unusual for our riches to increase but the secret is not to lose our focus and make money our aim.

V11-12 tells us that God is both strong and loving. When confronted with the question why does God allow suffering? Some say God is loving but not strong enough to do anything about it. Others say God is strong but not loving enough to do anything about it. Here we see that God is both loving and strong, so much so that in these verses God speaks about them as one and the same. God’s love is a strong love, so strong it sent Jesus to the cross.

During this next week I’ll be looking at Psalm 112. I’ll post about it next Thursday.

by Susan Barnes
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