Last week I watched Jennifer Byrne interview the author, P.D. James. The thing that surprised me was that she was 92 years old and her mind was so sharp.

Sometimes I think I started writing too late in life, that somehow time is running out for me as a writer. Then along comes P. D. James, 92 and still writing. I guess writing being a sedentary occupation has it advantages.

Currently I am writing some devotional thoughts from the book of Mark, when I finish I will have written a devotional thought on every chapter in the New Testament, all 260 of them. (See my progress here.) It occurred to me a while ago I should aim to write a thought on every chapter from the Old Testament too, all 929 of them, but I figured it would take too long. However I have already written about 50 from the Old Testament so if I wrote one devotional thought per week it would take me another 17 years. However watching P.D. James made me consider that even if I wrote one a fortnight I would still make it before I turned 92!

Maybe I have more time than I think.