My computer is fixed at last.

I have previously mentioned that I am writing a book (12 Dec ’05 and 30 Jan ’06). Since then, the book has been through several re-writes and received input from several friends. Early in July I realized that I would be ready to upload the proposal to the Christian Manuscript Submission website on about the 1st or 2nd August. My computer broke down on 31st July. Interesting …

The problem was the power pack needed replacing. So the computer repair shop ordered a new one because my computer needed a smaller than normal power pack. They were sent the wrong one and reordered. This took two weeks. Yesterday my husband was talking to a friend who knows stuff about computers and he said, “Why don’t they put the computer in a bigger case and use a normal power pack?”

This morning at 10am the computer repair shop rang me and said they were unable to get the smaller power pack. Then he said, “Probably should have thought of this before …but we could put the computer in a bigger case …” My computer was fixed by 3pm. Everything they needed to fix it was in the shop when I first took it in.

So what am I to conclude? I think there are two options here. Option 1. The devil is able to delay and frustrated me but not able to thwart God’s plans or Option 2. I need to find a new computer repair shop.