In order to become leading servants, followers of Jesus must know who they are in Christ. Christians will not be able to lead or serve well if they are not secure in their relationship with God. They must know regardless of how they are treated, whether they are put on a pedestal and applauded or whether they are passed over, asked to leave or considered a failure that their value as a person is not in doubt. Their identity as children of God is not dependant on their area of ministry, their performance, their gifts and abilities or the recognition they may obtain.

Once a Christian is fully assured of their position in Christ they are free to be leading servants. Happy to serve others and encourage them to also fully embrace their identity in Christ. Leading servants can freely serve others with their gifts and abilities in whatever setting God places them, in the community, in a work place and in the local church.

An unpaid leading servant will still use their gifts and abilities to serve their local church within the restrictions of their other obligations. Wayne Corderio is the pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship where there is a strong emphasises on servanthood. The church holds their Sunday services in an assembly hall at Farrington High School. The number of volunteers required to set up and pack up at this site is huge. However these volunteers do not see this as a burden but rather as an opportunity to serve. On the morning I attended Wayne Cordeiro spoke on Matthew 23:11, “The greatest among you will be your servant.” Wayne made the observation that to be a servant requires lots of grace and love because when you serve people the potential to be overlooked, slighted, and not appreciated is great so you also need to be good at forgiving.

It requires spiritual maturity to be a leading servant.