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On being reliant on technology

November 27, 2012

I’ve recently been on holidays and happened to be in Warrnambool when the Telstra exchange burnt down. For two days in the Warrnambool district there were no mobile phones, internet, or landlines. There were few ATMs working and EPOST was limited. Many people’s work was severely disrupted. Emergency services were frantically looking for alternatives otherwise they may not have been able to respond if there was another emergency. While many of these services are now back online, it will be a few more days before everything is restored.

Media coverage of this event was limited. Most of my family and friends did not know they could not reach me. Fortunately they did not need to. It is an interesting lesson in how reliant on technology we are. One small fire that is regarded as not newsworthy outside the district and yet virtually every form of communication was effected within that district.

As I was on holidays the impact for me was minimal but it certainly makes you think.

by Susan Barnes
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Susan Barnes

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