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On Being Prepared For Newcomers

August 8, 2016

Would God trust your church with brand new baby Christians?

One of my children was born about two weeks early which was not even considered premature. But it was a shock to me. My previous child had been a week late yet this time I found myself at home with my baby on the supposed due date. It was not like I was unprepared. I had all the necessary clothes and furniture from by previous baby. Yet I felt emotionally unprepared. It took a little while for me to adjust to being a new mum again. In our churches we would do well to consider how prepared we are for new Christians and it really isn’t good enough to say when they come we will figure out what to do.

Consider your church service from the point of view of someone who has never been to church before. Would they understand what was going on? Would newcomers feel included? Do people use terminology which is not used outside of church? Events like natural disasters or terrorists attacks often cause people to re-evaluate their priorities. The Sunday after September 11 a number of churches in America suddenly found themselves with lots of newcomers. If a major tragedy occurred in Australia and we found ourselves in a similar situation how would our churches respond? The media and politicians talk about how prepared Australia is for a terrorist attack. It is also a question for churches to address. How prepared are we for an influx of newcomers to our church community? How do we cater for new people in our church services?

by Susan Barnes
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Susan Barnes

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