“I write because other writers’ words changed my life (in) a million and one ways, and I want to be a part of that…

…there are things you can find words for that might maybe matter to someone else, that might set someone free, that will make them feel one tiny bit less alone, like they’ve made a friend, like they’re not crazy, like they’re not wrong just for being who they are. You write because you think it might matter someday, to someone, the way other people’s words mattered to you…”
~ Shauna Niequist’s blog

This resounded so much with me and made me realize that I also write because I know and appreciate how much other writers have impacted my life. And often they changed my life simply because they were honest about their own pain, which freed me and made me feel one tiny bit less alone, like I had a friend, that I wasn’t crazy, and I wasn’t wrong for being who I was.

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