Another reason for my lack of posts here of late is that I become a grandma last week.

I’ve discovered that being a grandparent creates a new dimension in your relationship with your adult child. There are lots of things I’d like to say, lots of advice I’d like to give, lots of stories I’d like to share but I also know that now is not the right time for much of this. There is a balance between being supportive and being overbearing. I remember being a first time Mum myself.  I was reluctant to accept advice unless it came from a very trusted source with a good explanation.

It is important to recognize we are individuals and there is no one right way of doing something, even when it comes to raising children. God has given us the children that we are the right parents for, because God has equipped us with the necessary ability to be their parent. Also we can know that God will always give us the wisdom we need if we ask.