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Not hired servants

September 28, 2015

When the prodigal son returned to his father, after disgracing himself, he would have been happy to be one of his Father’s hired servants (Luke 15:19). This would be perfectly reasonable, considering he prematurely demanded his inheritance and then wasted it living an immoral lifestyle. The son figured the best he could hope for was that his father would employ him. However his father doesn’t employ him, he restores him to the position of a favoured son.

Often as Christians we act like we are in God’s employ, like we are his hired servants. We know God has forgiven us, but now we imagine like the prodigal son, we have to somehow repay God for our past indiscretions.

However we are not God’s hired servants. We are his dearly loved children, not because of anything we have done. God simply chose to put us in the position of a favoured son or daughter. We have worth and value because we are his, and this is the way God wants us to see ourselves.

I am his child, dearly loved and special to him.

by Susan Barnes
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Susan Barnes

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