Selwyn Hughes* in his daily devotion, Every Day With Jesus, writes:

“Whatever view we might hold [on predestination], one thing is sure: our salvation was forethought, foreseen and foreordained.” He ends his thoughts with this prayer, “O Father, how wonderful to know it is not as the result of a chance occurrence that I am saved. I did not ‘accidentally’ come to You. I came because I was drawn – drawn by a Power that reached out to me from eternity. I am so very grateful. Amen.”

Often, we think we are the ones who take the initiative to find God. The reality is, we only find God because he’s looking for us. God finds us like the shepherd finds the one lost sheep and like the woman finds the one lost coin (Luke 15). We are the “sought after” (Isaiah 62:12).

(*Selwyn Hughes died in January 2006.)