Towards the end of the book, The Enneagram, by Maria Beesing, Robert Nogosek and Patrick O’Leary the authors discuss nine areas we need to grow in – nine holy ideas we need to grasp hold of. Which one do you most need to develop?

Holy Idea of Growth – accept imperfection as part of the growth process.

Holy Idea of Grace – realize we do not earn God’s love, accept ourselves as worthwhile persons whether or not we are helpful.

Holy Idea of God’s Will – dedicate ourselves to God’s way of running the world. God is in control.

Holy Idea of Union with God – special because we are God’s creation not because we’ve had unusually dramatic or tragic lives.

Holy Idea of Divine Providence – God acts in our lives to take care of all our needs. We don’t supply our own resources.

Holy Idea of Trust in God – find security in divine adoption.

Holy Idea of Co-Creation – take on the hard work of co-creation, working with God and accepting disappointment and suffering as part of the process.

Holy Idea of Compassion – place judgement in God’s hands which releases us from our own idea of justice.

Holy Idea of Unconditional love – discover God’s love which awakens new energies within as we come to see our real worth as persons.