I have finished all the necessary assignments to complete my Bachelor Degree in Christian Ministry. I’m now waiting for my results which are probably a couple of weeks away. The college only has one graduation day each year and unfortunately all the paperwork will not be completed in time for me to graduate this year. This is mainly because my last subject was the study tour of Israel which concluded much later than other second semester subjects. Nevertheless I will be able to obtain a transcript of my results. It poses the question, what does 2015 hold for me?

This morning we went to the Anglicans’ dawn service. It was a great way to start the new year – especially one with so many uncertainties. We are moving soon (yet again!). Hopefully this will be our last move for a very long time as we are moving into a house of our own. After we have settled in we are going on holidays to New Zealand for two weeks. When we get back it will be the end of March at which time I will start looking for a part time job where I can make use of my degree. So the future is both exciting and scary!

It will be very pleasant this year to be reading and writing about those things which particularly interest me rather than having to read and write to a curriculum which I have been doing for the last five years. I’m hoping to spend more time getting to know my grandchildren. I may also end up spending time with my elderly parents who are struggling with failing health.

Hope you have good plans for 2015.