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My new computer

September 18, 2010

This blog is onto its third computer. My old computer is still alive and well, though it has slowed down somewhat (I’ve heard that 1 year in computer years is equivalent to 30 human years!). My old computer is going to a new owner (my husband) so it is not leaving home. So I get the joy (or not) of learning Windows 7 and one day, when I have it all figured out, I’m guessing I’ll get the joy of teaching my husband – so he may have ulterior motives in getting me a new computer!

So where is everything?! Fortunately I’m still using my old software so not everything has changed. Still it does remind me of going to a supermarket when they have rearranged the shelves and you can’t find anything – I wish they wouldn’t do that.

I have a lot of favourite programs for updating my website, fixing my photos, scanning, so I’m still in the process of uploading all of these, which is a real pain. But on the upside I can now watch things on YouTube – well, I think that is an upside…

Another new thing I’ve learnt this week is how to type a fish:

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