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My longest read

March 18, 2009

On Tuesday I flew to Sydney for the day for a training seminar. This meant getting up very early and getting home fairly late. I went to a similar training seminar last year. On that occasion the plane was delayed by several hours. I had not bothered taking anything to read as I had planned to sleep on the plane! So finding myself stuck at the airport for several hours with nothing to do, I did the most obvious thing. I bought a book! It was called, The Tipping Point : how little things can make a big difference by Malcolm Gladwell. I had read a previous book of Gladwell’s, Blink : the power of thinking without thinking and found it very interesting. The Tipping Point however was a more complex read than Blink and I found when I eventually returned home that I needed to take a break from it. I had been meaning for some time to pick it up again and on Tuesday I had the opportunity. I have now nearly completed it. I had been using the cash resister receipt as a book mark and I was quite surprised to discover that it was actually April last year when I bought the book which I think would mean it is the longest I have ever taken to read a book!

by Susan Barnes
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