My Book

If I was God ...

Jonah, having a few issues with God's plans!

Have you ever said, "If I was God. . ." ?

Why doesn’t a loving God do something to make the world a better place?

How do you reconcile God's apparent lack of intervention in a world that desperately needs fixing, with his extravagant love and grace? Simply put, why doesn't God do something?

My book (as yet unpublished) invites the reader to look at God through a new window of understanding. God is often portrayed as either an overly strict authority figure or a pathetically benevolent Santa Claus; neither do justice to the incredible holiness of God, or to his passionate love for people.

My book demonstrates how to continue in relationship with a God who often seems unfathomable. It teaches that we can come to grips with a God who is more loving than we know how to cope with, and more merciful than we can handle.

SUSAN BARNES has been engaged in pastoral ministry for over 25 years. Her devotional writings have been published in print and online. She has expanded and deepened her reflections in this new book. She lives with her husband near the Snowy Mountains in Australia and makes it her ambition to live a quiet life, despite God’s interruptions!