Unpublished Book 2

10 Things I Hate About God

And How He Won Me Anyway

Trusting God’s goodness
when he isn’t safe

Have you ever said, “If I was God. . .” ?

How do you reconcile a God of love and grace with a world that is full of suffering?

Why doesn’t God do something?

10 Things I Hate About God (as yet, unpublished) will help you develop a trusting relationship with God his actions, or non-actions, are inexplicable.

In Susan’s counterintuitive book, she shares her experiences of trusting God in challenging circumstances. She grew up in an unchurched home; her husband was diagnosed with cancer when their three children were under 6 years old and; she struggled with being a pastor’s wife.

Susan’s Bible knowledge, experience and practical approach will help you reconcile God’s extravagant love and grace with his apparent lack of intervention in a world that desperately needs fixing. Susan teaches how we can come to grips with a God who is more loving than we can comprehend, and holier than we can imagine.


Introduction: Who’s Writing a Book About Hating God?
Chapter 1:     He Allows Suffering
Chapter 2:     He Won’t Stop Loving Me
Chapter 3:     He Makes Me Slow Down
Chapter 4:     His Plans Don’t Agree with Mine
Chapter 5:     He Doesn’t Tell Me Why
Chapter 6:     He Tells Me I’m Just Visiting
Chapter 7:     He Makes Me Tell His Story
Chapter 8:     He Wants Me to Go to Church
Chapter 9:     He’s Too Personal
Chapter 10:   He Won’t Let Me Repay Him

SUSAN BARNES has been engaged in pastoral ministry, alongside her husband, for over 25 years and has hundreds of devotional articles online and in print. Susan has a degree in Christian ministry and lives with her husband near the Snowy Mountains in Australia. She makes it her ambition to live a quiet life, despite God’s interruptions!

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