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10 Blessings of God You Won't Want to Miss

10 Things I Hate About God
And How He Won Me Anyway

Trusting God’s goodness
when he isn’t safe
Have you ever said, “If I was God. . .” ?

How do you reconcile a God of love and grace with a world that is full of suffering?

Why doesn’t God do something?

10 Things I Hate About God (as yet, unpublished) will help you develop a trusting relationship with God his actions, or non-actions, are inexplicable.

In Susan’s counterintuitive book, she shares her experiences of trusting God in challenging circumstances. She grew up in an unchurched home; her husband was diagnosed with cancer when their three children were under 6 years old and; she struggled with being a pastor’s wife.

Susan’s Bible knowledge, experience and practical approach will help you reconcile God’s extravagant love and grace with his apparent lack of intervention in a world that desperately needs fixing. Susan teaches how we can come to grips with a God who is more loving than we can comprehend, and holier than we can imagine.


Introduction: Who’s Writing a Book About Hating God?
Chapter 1: He Allows Suffering
Chapter 2: He Won’t Stop Loving Me
Chapter 3: He Makes Me Slow Down
Chapter 4: His Plans Don’t Agree with Mine
Chapter 5: He Doesn’t Tell Me Why
Chapter 6: He Tells Me I’m Just Visiting
Chapter 7: He Makes Me Tell His Story
Chapter 8: He Wants Me to Go to Church
Chapter 9: He’s Too Personal
Chapter 10: He Won’t Let Me Repay Him

SUSAN BARNES has been involved in pastoral ministry for 30 years, serving firstly as a pastor’s wife and later as an interim pastor. She has hundreds of devotional articles online and in print. She has a degree in Christian ministry and lives with her husband in Bendigo, Australia. She makes it her ambition to live a quiet life, but has discovered God often has other ideas!
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