Unpublished Book 1

10 Blessings of God

You Won’t Want To Miss

Trust God’s character
receive his blessings

10 Blessings of God You Won't Want to Miss

Are you dissatisfied, bored?

Maybe even disillusioned at times with the normal Christian life?

Are you ready to explore where God is leading you outside of normal?

In 10 Blessings of God You Don’t Want to Miss, Susan shares the blessings of going beyond the routines of faith and engaging with God in risk-taking faith. Living beyond normal isn’t without trials and Susan has walked with God through difficult circumstances – her husband’s battle with cancer when their children were young and being a pastor’s wife serving churches with various tensions. Yet she has learnt the blessing of deeply trusting God no matter what you’re facing.

Susan’s Bible knowledge, experience and practical approach will encourage you towards a more meaningful relationship with God.


Introduction: Testimony
Chapter 1: He Shares His Happiness
Chapter 2: He Surprises
Chapter 3: He Frees
Chapter 4: He Identifies
Chapter 5: He Loves
Chapter 6: He Gives Hope
Chapter 7: He Has a Plan
Chapter 8: He Blesses
Chapter 9: He Gives Peace
Chapter 10: He Overcomes

SUSAN BARNES has been involved in pastoral ministry for 30 years and has hundreds of devotional articles online and in print. Susan also worked as a librarian so she could read books and call it work! She has a degree in Christian ministry and lives with her husband in central Victoria, Australia. She makes it her ambition to live a quiet life, but discovered that God had other ideas!