Tomorrow I leave for the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, which is both exciting and terrifying! About 10 years ago, I attended the Glorieta Christian Writer’s Conference in New Mexico. Just the number of people attending was mind-blowing and I expect Mount Hermon to be the same.

I’m actually taking the same manuscript, though I have since completed a sequel, however, it is a very different book. I have learnt so much in the last 10 years and I have done much re-writing. It has also been professionally edited.

I don’t know quite what to expect regarding my book but I believe this is a God-given opportunity, and would appreciate your prayers.

I plan to start an email newsletter when I returned and have added a sign up box on the left. My first newsletter will be about my time at the Writers Conference.

Whilst I’m away I have scheduled some posts, as I’m not sure how much time and internet access I will have.