This post is further to my book review, Rita’s Revenge, which you can read here, Please note this post contains spoilers.

Rita lives in a town called, Little Dismal. She has disgraced herself at the recent Talent Show because she recited one of her poems. Poetry is not on the list of approved activities for ducks at Little Dismal, which is … a little dismal.

The list of approved activities that supposedly has been handed down from the beginning of time includes flying, hissing, biting, diving, preening, chasing cows and pigs, mockery, and rude songs but sadly, not poetry.

So Rita is trying to regain the approval of her duck community. In due course, it becomes necessary for her to go to the big city, Melbourne. She meets the city ducks and much to her surprise, poetry is on their list of approved activities. Furthermore, they want to hear Rita’s poems.

Rita discovers other duck communities in various parts of the country also have different lists of approved activities, and sometimes, they even change the list when they get tired of it. Rita is amazed.

Rita eventually makes it back to her home pond and tells the other ducks that the city duck’s list is different to their list, and it includes poetry. The country ducks are completely horrified and don’t believe her.

But Rita knows it’s true and decides she might even write her own poetry book.

Does this story about Rita the duck, from Little Dismal, remind you of anything?

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