I have been tagged by Erin from Decompressing Faith to write 5 Things I Dig About Jesus. So here we are:

1. He loves me, completely, unconditionally, extravagantly, endlessly. Jesus loves me and it overwhelms me just to think of it. Every love song, story and poem that has ever been written says something about the way Jesus loves me.

2. He gives me grace, freely, recklessly, abundantly, ridiculously. Jesus has a bottomless supply of grace available to me for no good reason. I never have to lift a finger to earn it. It’s mine.

3. He chooses to bless me, unexpectedly, undeservedly, without warning, without asking. Suddenly Jesus touches my life or my circumstances with unmerited blessings.

4. He has a plan, it is a vast plan, an amazing, all encompassing, eternal plan where all the pieces finally come together and make perfect sense. A plan that started before time began and will continue for all time.

5. He became one of us, fully human, ordinary, common, an every day human being. Jesus brings me face to face with God who demonstrates his intimate involvement with me and his intense desire to connect with me. This is staggering and completely unheard of in any other religion. It ruins any idea that God is disinterested or aloof or that he is watching from a distance.

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