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Medical Research

May 18, 2011

When you start looking into the ethical issues of things like IVF, regenerative medicine, stem cell research you begin to wonder if Christians should be involved in medical research at all. Here’s my thoughts:

It was not God’s intention for sickness and suffering to be present on the earth. God created a good world. Sickness and suffering are a result of the fall. Throughout the Old Testament we see God’s prohibitions were often protections against various diseases in an age where efficient hygiene and refrigeration were nonexistent. We also see God’s instructions to care for the suffering and His anger, through the prophets, when God’s people did not seek to relieve people’s suffering.

Likewise in the New Testament we see Jesus having compassion on people and healing many of their diseases and disabilities. In Acts we also see numerous healings and in the epistles there is encouragement to pray for the sick and care for those who are suffering. The message is consist throughout the Bible; we are called to help those who are sick and suffering. We also see that throughout history Christians have been at the forefront of providing hospitals, missionary medical teams, and medical aid to those in need. As Christ’s ambassadors we follow the example he gave us in caring for the sick.

God has endowed many with the medical skill, intelligence, and ability to cure people as well as gifting his own people with healing gifts. He expects us to use the gifts and talents he has given us to help others and relieve suffering. Therefore God does want Christians involved in medical research. He has equipped people to study and work in this area. All truth is God’s and he chooses to reveal his design in creation to scientists. God has given us great freedom but also huge responsibility to use this knowledge wisely and not to exploit it for financial gain, or to give people false hope, or in way to take advantage of vulnerable people.

by Susan Barnes
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Susan Barnes

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