My part-time position at the library is being made redundant at the end of June. The library shares the building with the council and council staff check books in and out when I’m not there. They currently do not perform other library duties. The actions of council over the last few months have indicated to me that they do not consider what I do at the library valuable and anyone can do it.

Several days after I found out I was losing my job I went to have my eyes checked – I either need new glasses or longer arms! The man who was attending me asked heaps of questions about the work I do at the library. Then he said quite out of the blue, “What you do is really important.” He then talked about the small community where he lives and said, “The librarian is the lynch-pin of the community so what you do is really important.” I left the shop thinking that God had sent this man along just to encourage me.

Later when I was thinking about this I had an “ah-ha” moment. On the one hand the council is telling me what I do is not valuable and anyone can do it. On the other hand my optometrist is telling me that what I do is valuable. So it is entirely up to me whom I believe. This caused me to think that I’d really rather believe what God said about me rather than either of them.

When I reflected on what God said to me I remember that I was very much called to the job. God caused a large number of circumstances to coincide for me to have the job including the fact that he had orchestrated for me to have the necessary qualifications to do it. God thought it was valuable for me to do that job. While I don’t fully understand these recent events I do believe God directs my paths.

In Ephesians 3:10 we read: “His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms.”

This verse tells me there are things going on in the heavenly realms that I don’t know or understand but I can trust that God is working out his purposes. I believe God has other things for me to do and I’m sure God will reveal them in his good time. In the meantime I have 4 more weeks to enjoy being the librarian.